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An Agile Approach to Managing Your Software Testing Career

Testers are very much still needed. However, with so many new technologies and roles becoming available, some testers may want to explore options for their career paths. Michael Sowers offers an agile approach to determining your career direction, evaluating the alternatives, and developing a plan.

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Michael Sowers
Don't Let Career Stagnation Hold You Back

Just because a job is stable and pays the bills doesn't mean it's the right fit for you. A lack of respect in your workplace as well as an overall sense of uninterest in what's being produced are just two of the key signs that it's time to break free and look for a career that better suits you.

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Josiah Renaudin
Will This Be a Record Year for Foreign Tech Workers Requesting Visas?

The H-1B US work visa application window that starts on April 1 each year is an anticipated time for many in the global technology marketplace. The visa application process has steadily picked up steam in the past five years, and this is expected to be a record year for the number of applications.

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Mukesh Sharma
Mind the Gender Gap: Getting Women into Computer Science Careers

Today, just a quarter of all Americans in computer-related occupations are women. Why is this field with such a promising outlook attracting so few female candidates? This story takes a look at what's deterring women and why it's important for everyone that they be represented in the tech workforce.

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Beth Romanik
Want to Get Ahead in Your Career in 2013? It’s Easy—Change!

Is your New Year's resolution to finally land that perfect job? You're not the only one, which means that you need to be doing more to separate yourself from your competition to truly stand out. To give you the edge, we take a look at who's hiring and what they're looking for.

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Noel Wurst
Inspirational Deadlines—Software Development in the Newsroom

Software developers are finding inspiring and rewarding work in an unlikely environment that was once thought dead. The stressful and tumultuous surroundings of America's newsrooms offer developers the chance to tell a story through engaging and modern technology.

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Noel Wurst