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Clear lightbulbs showing clouds behind them Choosing a Cloud Computing Platform

With so many options for cloud computing platforms, it can be tough to narrow them down. Focus on the most important features for your work: Do you want a server-based platform or serverless? What support do you need for your OS and software? What other services do you want integrated? These are the questions to ask.

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Deepak Vohra
Road leading toward clouds Migrating to the Cloud: Which Model Is Right for You?

Cloud computing is a relatively recent trend, and several organizations have opted to migrate their services and data to the cloud. Which of the cloud computing models available is right for which situation? Let’s look at the three options—public, private, and hybrid—and discuss when it's a good idea to use each one.

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Deepak Vohra
Cloud Company Consolidation: Getting Ready for the Next Cycle?

Over the past few weeks there have been a spat of announcements related to a new cycle of cloud technology consolidations and mergers. Is this a sign that cloud computing is entering the next great technology revolution cycle, or is it the beginning of the end of cloud innovation?

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Beth Cohen
Cloud Storage Isn't Always the Right Answer

Not every company needs to take all of its valuable data and move it directly to the cloud. Although this computing technology comes with a host of benefits for both big and small organizations, there are a few key reasons why physical storage is still a smart option.

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Josiah Renaudin
How the Weather Company Is Using Big Data to Stay ahead of the Storm

The Weather Company is moving to a NoSQL-powered big-data platform, which can gather some twenty terabytes of weather data a day. The NoSQL environment’s ability to scale to extremely large sizes helps with the intake of this additional data, and faster queries mean quicker, more accurate forecasts.

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Beth Romanik
Strong Competition in Cloud Computing Means the End User Wins

Cloud computing continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Although Amazon had quite a bit of a lead early on, a lot of competition—from commercial players such as Google and Microsoft as well as open source contenders—has made a strong competitive market. These choices mean the end user benefits.

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Mukesh Sharma
The Dangers of Circumventing IT to Access the Cloud

Being able to directly connect to the cloud for software solutions allows professionals in every department to take information systems out of the equation in many technology decisions. But these "shadow IT" projects can leave them open to security breaches, especially on mobile devices. Read on.

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Kirill Bensonoff
No Hard Drive Required: Cloud Connect Takes Unique Approach to DaaS

Several software vendors have come forward with solutions for the growing desktop as a service (DaaS) trend. The Dell Wyse Cloud Connect could change the game by making personal desktops in the cloud available—and affordable—for the average consumer. Does the future of tech mean no more hard drives?

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Kirill Bensonoff