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context-driven testing

Filling in gaps in an octagonal wood roof 2 Quick Wins for Building Context in Testing

Testers fill in their assumptions about the project, domain, and technology with things they learn while testing and while talking with people. Sometimes the information they learn is good, but sometimes they miss something important. Here are two quick wins for filling in those assumptions with good information.

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Justin Rohrman
Listen Up, Testers: The Power of an Example for Context

How long does it take for a tester to change a light bulb? It sounds like a setup for a joke, but any tester will respond, "Which light fixture? With what light bulb? How high up is the outlet?" All of these questions help the tester explore the context—and examples can go a long way toward helping.

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Matthew Heusser
Five Emerging Trends in Testing and QA

Customer expectations are higher than ever, so testing has become more important than ever. Quality assurance must evolve to keep up with changing software development requirements—and that involves adopting new approaches. Here are five emerging trends in testing and quality assurance for 2014.

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Beth Romanik