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Data What You Should Consider to Make the Best Use of Your Collected Data

We live in a world where data is constantly being recorded. In software, determining the timing of when to use that data is critical to making the most of the information. You should take into account data freshness, the data-gathering processes and any dependencies between them, and when to distribute information.

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How Emerging Technologies Can Revolutionize Utility Service Delivery

People seem to have forgotten that we are still heavily dependent on an older, more fragile underlying infrastructure of water, gas, and electric utilities. Can emerging information technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things, and Machine to Machine be applied to modernize utilities?

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Beth Cohen
Take Charge of Your Online Identity

Online networking is easier than ever, but this strength can be a threat if one’s online identity is not managed well. Organizations do their part to protect their users’ identities and privacy, but it is high time the user steps up to be his own tester in validating that he safeguards himself.

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Mukesh Sharma
Census Explorer Maps a Street View of Your Neighborhood’s Demographics

The US Census Bureau has released Census Explorer, a new interactive tool that lets you extrapolate data and create a street view map of demographics for your neighborhood, city, and state, comparing it against other areas of the country.

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