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blurry photo The Blurred Lines between the Open Source and Closed Source Worlds

The open source and closed sourced worlds need each other—not only for healthy competition, but more importantly, for healthy collaboration, too. Mukesh Sharma looks at recent collaborative efforts between the open source and closed source communities and what is driving these changes.

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Mukesh Sharma
The Latest Software News

In this roundup of software-related news that matters to you, read about hackers who are attempting to disrupt GitHub and how a software glitch may have been responsible for delaying emergency help during the summer crash of an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777.

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Jonathan Vanian
Developers Get a Civics Lesson with Open Source Government Projects

If you’re a civic-minded programmer who would like your government to be more open and more efficient, you now have the option to help make it happen. A recently launched portal called GitHub and Government lets users collaborate on projects to solve problems and make information more available.

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Beth Romanik
Roundup of the Latest in Coding News

In the coding roundup, read about how a former cyber tsar to President Obama wants developers to plan for security early in development, coders are spending 20 percent of their time waiting, and GitHub is taking advantage of its own platform in order to create a new type of data format.

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Jonathan Vanian
Netflix Has a Eureka Moment

Netflix recently announced an open source cloud service registry and cloud load balancer project called Eureka. If dynamic registry updates and run-time instance discovery are within your cloud project requirements, consider using Eureka in your Java PaaS framework.

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Chris Haddad
GitHub Scores $100 Million Venture Capital Investment

GitHub, an online source code repository, scored a $100 million investment, brought to you by Menlo Park’s esteemed venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz.

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Jonathan Vanian