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The Heartbleed Bug: What It Can Teach Us about Defect Advocacy

Even though the fix for the Heartbleed bug was quickly made available, the bug itself created considerable panic among Internet users. Why did this bug get so much attention? One reason: clean communication, or in testing terms, defect advocacy.

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Anuj Magazine
Linux Foundation Announces Initiative to Avert the Next Heartbleed

In response to the Heartbleed OpenSSL security crisis, one of the Internet’s biggest security breaches, The Linux Foundation announced the Core Infrastructure Initiative (CII), a multimillion-dollar collaborative project to fund and support what are deemed critical open source projects.

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Pamela Rentz
Data Leaks—Will Secure Programming Save the Day?

2014 is already shaping up to be another horrible year for compromised data. With all the widely publicized large-scale data leaks, there has to be a better way to secure sensitive data and applications. Secure programming, combined with more sophisticated network separation, might be the answer.

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Beth Cohen