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The Future of the Internet (of Things)

In another twenty years our current Internet will seem just as archaic as 2004 does today, and we might very well look back at 2014 as the seminal year when everything changed. The new Internet will leverage wearable computers, anticipatory computing, and user context to deliver data.

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Steve Vaughn
Internet Archaeologists Dig Up Websites Stuck in Time

Bonnie Bailey writes on the efforts of Internet archaeologists to document old websites in order to preserve the birth of Internet culture. Technology professionals have the rare privilege to wax nostalgic about a history we helped make, while still actively making that history today.

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Bonnie Bailey
How to Deal with Distractions

Studies have found that office workers are interrupted—or interrupt themselves—roughly every three minutes, with distractions taking both digital and human forms. Naomi Karten shares tips to help us deal with the distractions and tune out the extra noise.

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Naomi Karten
The Challenges of Multiple "Internets": Desktop, Mobile, and Apps

The false existence of "Internets" might have been something to snicker at back in the day, but today, their existence is very real—and a headache for both developers and users. We take a look at how we got here and try to figure out how to return to "One Web."

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Noel Wurst
What Can You Do with Big Data?

Big data doesn’t refer to high fives or towering twelves. It refers to lots of data. The primary goal of handling big data is to capture all the data available in a given computing scenario and then analyze it to find identifiable business, behavior, or other patterns.

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Naomi Karten