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The Secret to Apple's Recent Success in China

Apple having a great quarter financially isn't a huge surprise, but when you look at the two previous quarters, one reason for its success is obvious. Apple's revenue from China rose 71 percent to $16.82 billion compared to $21.3 billion in the Americas region. What's the secret to Apple's success?

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Anuj Magazine
How the Mobile Industry Is Similiar to Yesterday's PC Era

Steve Vaughn writes about the similarities between today's mobile industry and yesterday's era of personal computing. Industry professionals should view the mobile market as immature and make strategic plans according to how the PC industry changed in the 1990s.

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Steve Vaughn
Wearables Fashioned to Render Smartphones Obsolete

The power to carry a phone, camera, and computer in your hand used to be pretty impressive. With the arrival of wearable technology, we'll all soon be free from the strain of having to use our hands at all. We may just have to get used to wearing a watch, or glasses, again.

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Noel Wurst
Is the New "Google Now" Assistant a Siri Killer?

Siri finally has real competition in the virtual assistant game; not surprisingly, it's from Google. Google Now offers the same service as Siri, but without users even having to ask for it. Will users be willing to share much more personal data to empower the mobile app to work its magic?

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Noel Wurst
Don’t Judge a Phone by Its Cover: Inside the BlackBerry 10

The launch of the long awaited BlackBerry 10—with a touchscreen—was January 29. To RIM's credit, the initial reaction was remarkably positive. Looking past its similar appearance to most other phones, we take a look at the ever-important OS to see what makes it tick.

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Noel Wurst
The Importance of Holistic Design for Successful Products

Mukesh Chaudhary explores why users seem to believe that Google Search and iPhones are more useful than other similar products. It can be concluded that the overall user experience plays a big role in the success of a product as well as a well-thought-out holistic design.

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Mukesh Chaudhary
The Challenges of Mobile Testing for Jailbroken Devices

Many of the automation tools for mobile testing on the market today require the use of jailbroken or rooted devices, a controversial condition that some testing advocates believe violates mobile testing best practices. Bonnie Bailey writes of the challenges jailbroken devices present to testers.

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Bonnie Bailey
Can RIM Make a Comeback with the BlackBerry 10?

Can Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry smartphone make a comeback with its newest release, dubbed BlackBerry 10? Joe Townsend rounds up what the tech media is saying about RIM, whose writing may be on the wall.

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Joe Townsend