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Linux logo Choosing a Linux Distribution for Docker Containers

In the Linux operating system, each Docker container does not use a complete operating system kernel; multiple Docker containers can share the same one. Which Linux distribution should you use as the host? Let’s look at the factors that govern the choice of a host OS, as well as the Linux to run within a Docker container.

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Deepak Vohra
Five Takeaways from Linus Torvalds’s TED Talk

Linus Torvalds's concept of an open source operating system and the Linux kernel helps power the Internet and millions of Android devices. In a recent Q&A TED Talk, Torvalds discussed how he likes to work (alone), his good and bad traits, and why he doesn’t see himself as a visionary.

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Pamela Rentz
Mad about Containers

What is all the fuss about containers, the latest open source technology spearheaded by startup darling Docker? Are containers poised to be the next best thing in cloud application development, and if so, what about Docker’s competitors?

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Beth Cohen
Help Wanted: Linux Pros

The growing number of new Linux-based systems and products, including open source cloud platforms and products like Tesla automobiles, means the forecast for the Linux job market is bright, according to a report produced by the Linux Foundation and Dice, a career site for technology professionals.

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Pamela Rentz
Drones Now Flying Linux

The Linux Foundation announced a new open source platform for drones—the Dronecode Project for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Possible deployments include environmental and agriculture research, wildlife conservation, search and rescue, and movie and TV production.

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Pamela Rentz
Roundup of Interesting Software News

In this roundup of interesting software news, you'll read up on a new report from the Linux Foundation that says collaborative development between companies is on the rise and how the US Federal Aviation Administration is ordering a fix for a software glitch affecting some Boeing planes.

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Jonathan Vanian
Time to Learn Linux? Try (Free) Online edX

The Linux Foundation has announced it is building a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) program with edX, the nonprofit online learning platform launched in 2012 by Harvard University and MIT. "Introduction to Linux will be the first class available as a MOOC and will be free to everyone, everywhere."

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Pamela Rentz
A Look Back at Linux

For more than twenty years Linux has played a significant role in the computing industry—whether commercial users realize it or not. However, in 2013 Linux made a big splash in some important areas that are sure to influence the direction of the industry in the next few years. Read more to see how.

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