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minimum viable product

Person on a skateboard When Transitioning to Agile, Let Value Be Your Guide

When making a transition to agile, it’s important to get a common understanding of what you’re trying to do, of how things are currently done, and of the definition of done. In a value stream analysis, you can identify where major chunks of time are being spent (and why), and then start prioritizing based on value.

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Owen Gotimer
Sketches showing the minimum viable product for a project Why the Minimum Viable Product Matters

The MVP brings tremendous value to a team’s ability to effectively implement agile practices. It also allows us to better understand what “value” actually means to our users and how context changes the meaning. Your MVP must move through your validation and release cycles while still being valuable to your users.

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Alan Crouch
Illustration of minimum viable product with cars Interface Grief: Is It Agile, or Just Bad Software Engineering?

There are people who will use "being agile" to justify software engineering practices that could be perceived as lazy or even bad. The specifications are going to change, they say, so it would be a waste to engineer more to begin with than the minimum viable product. What's expediency and what's just poor practice?

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Payson Hall
Why Experimentation Should Be Required for Initiating Projects

Sameh Zeid writes that experimentation should be required for initiating projects—no matter the organization’s size—for the simple reason that product features will more than likely be discovered incrementally and iteratively during the project's lifespan.

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Sameh Zeid