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Person making a mobile payment using contactless card technology by waving an Android phone in front of an NFC reader Using Contactless Card Technology in Mobile Payments

As payment methods have evolved from the traditional cash-based system to mobile systems, contactless cards are becoming more popular for their convenience and flexibility. Here's a primer on how this mobile payment system stores your card information, as well as the near-field communication technology behind it.

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David Smith
A person tapping their phone to a digital payment system, photo by Jonas Leupe Security Testing Payment Services in the Era of Connected Ecosystems

There are many new trends in online payment technology, so the amount of data passing through and stored across varying systems is growing, requiring new standards for how data is captured, stored, used, and destroyed. Testers especially need to consider vulnerabilities related to data privacy and cyber security.

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Elizabeth Koumpan
Apple Pay's Security Concerns Holding It Back

Apple Pay might be simple and easy to use, but the number of people in the US who distrust mobile payment systems due to the degree of personal information that needs to be shared increased by 9 percent year-over-year, bringing it to 35 percent. Security issues are holding the app back.

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Josiah Renaudin
What Mobile Payment Solutions Need to Take Off

With all the growth we are witnessing in the mobile space, mobile payment solutions seem to be the way of the future. However, these solutions have to be robust and win the confidence of merchants, payment processors, and end-users in order to really take off. What will it take for that to happen?

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Mukesh Sharma