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Email icon showing 99 unread messages How to Slim Down Your Bloated Email Inbox

If you're spending too much time checking and answering your email—and frankly, who doesn't feel that way—you may just need to revamp your email routine. Here are some techniques for getting a handle on your messages, including better prioritization and categorization. You may even get to the coveted inbox zero.

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Beth Romanik
Organized desk Weird Ideas for Improving Your Productivity at Work

You've tried all the typical tips for increased productivity—scheduling, timeboxing, prioritizing—but you still find yourself distracted and wasting time. Maybe it's time to give one of these unconventional ideas for improving productivity a try. They're so crazy, they just might work.

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Naomi Karten
The Five Habits of Highly Organized People

Maintaining an organized lifestyle at home and at work is not an inherent talent for most people. It takes effort, discipline, and practice to achieve—but it's worth it! If you're one of the majority who has stacks of papers on your desk, can't find emails, and forgets tasks, read on for some tips.

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Naomi Karten
How Office Space Affects Team Member Collaboration

Steve Berczuk discusses how the physical structure of an organization can contribute to the way team members interact with each other. Physical office space plays an important organizational role, with much being written about the merits of open-space versus closed-space offices.

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Steve Berczuk
The Importance of Balance in Your Agile Values

Steve Berczuk explores the importance of balance and the relationship between agile values and top performing teams. The connection between agile values and balancing the various aspects of our lives should not be too surprising, but balancing all aspects of agile principles is difficult.

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Steve Berczuk
Can Agile and Lean Six Sigma Coexist?

Joe Townsend explores whether or not agile and Lean Six Sigma can coexist. Since agile is a development methodology and Lean Six Sigma is mainly associated with manufacturing, it would appear that the two are completely incompatible with one another. However, that's not always the case.

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Joe Townsend
Four Misconceptions about Agile That Lead to Failure

The barrier to organizational change is always about lack of support from upper management. Many agile transformations fall short or fail because management expectations do not align with the reality of agile. Steve Vaughn explains four misconceptions of agile that can stop a major cultural change.

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Steve Vaughn
Don't Let "Good" Ideas Go Bad!

Organizations need new and innovative ideas to solve complex problems. However, sometimes "good" ideas can be the very reason behind problems. Systems thinking and following the Golden Circle can help.

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Sameh Zeid