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Take Charge of Your Online Identity

Online networking is easier than ever, but this strength can be a threat if one’s online identity is not managed well. Organizations do their part to protect their users’ identities and privacy, but it is high time the user steps up to be his own tester in validating that he safeguards himself.

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Mukesh Sharma
Big Brother Is Watching over Us!

We all should know that any Internet activity we perform is being tracked by our Internet service provider, but it's just exactly where that information is going that raises red flags and presents an ethical dilemma. In this story, Joe Townsend examines how Big Brother is watching over us.

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Joe Townsend
Is the Age of Privacy Really Over?

Online social connections are at an all-time high. While there are clear positives from all of these interactions, end users always have concerns about whether too much information is being extracted from them and whether the data is being appropriately shared and used. Is privacy over?

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Rajini Padmanaban
Google Says No to Facial Recognition on Google Glass

Google will not be allowing facial recognition on Google Glass any time soon, but that doesn't mean the company is forever ruling out the possibility. Will this be enough to alleviate the privacy concerns of people worried that Google Glass will lead to an Orwellian future?

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Jonathan Vanian
Will Mobile App Development Slow Due to New Privacy Laws?

A recent extension to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act has mobile application developers scrambling to not only follow the new laws but also just to understand them—and the penalties that come with them. Some believe the laws can in fact be followed, but more time is needed to comply.

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Noel Wurst
The Need for User Context in Mobile Apps

Between Google Play and Apple’s IOS App Store, there are almost 2 million apps available on the two most popular mobile platforms. However, only a handful of these apps take advantage of the user’s context to provide the richest possible experience.

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Steve Vaughn
FTC Stresses “Privacy by Design” for Mobile App Developers

For those who develop mobile apps, the federal government wants to make sure everyone is aware that privacy by design—privacy and data protection for consumers—should be built into every stage of the development cycle. Pamela Rentz details the latest privacy efforts by the Federal Trade Commission.

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Pamela Rentz
Making Choices about Privacy and Online Tracking

Much of the data collected via online tracking is said to be anonymous, but because third-party cookies used by tracking sites uniquely identify you as a user, it's easy to link together all the information gathered about you. Rick Scott looks at the privacy implications of the choices we make.

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Rick Scott