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ScrumMaster facilitating communication between an agile team and stakeholders Understanding the ScrumMaster's Role in Team Communication

Some agile teams believe the ScrumMaster is the sole point of communication between them and the product owner, so the team can abdicate any responsibility to communicate with stakeholders. That couldn't be more wrong. It's actually the ScrumMaster's job to enable communication and coach or guide the team to solutions.

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Alan Crouch
Person about to slip on a banana peel 3 Mistakes Teams Make When Choosing a ScrumMaster

One cause of agile project failure is choosing the wrong person as your ScrumMaster. While a bad ScrumMaster is a problem for any team, it is particularly bad for teams new to agile, as the team won’t know they are being led down the wrong path. Here are three mistakes organizations make when choosing a ScrumMaster.

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Jeffery Payne
Four Reasons to Stick with Daily Scrum Meetings

Every team member is required to attend a daily scrum meeting. Pro tip: The ScrumMaster and product owner are team members too, despite their titles of leadership. If you feel you don’t need to attend every daily scrum, then consider these four reasons why you should stick with it.

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What Is the Difference between an Agile Coach and a ScrumMaster?

Joe Townsend explores what exactly the role of an agile coach is and how it differs from the role of a ScrumMaster. For some, ScrumMasters are the front-line fighters and agile coaches are higher up in the organization; for others, an agile coach is the next role a ScrumMaster evolves into.

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Joe Townsend
How Agile Led to the Creation of the Technical Product Owner

Agile has become the primary mechanism by which normally incompatible roles crossbreed and create distinctive positions that bring great value to a company. Steve Vaughn writes on how agile has led to the creation of a new role—the technical product owner—that has benefited his team.

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Steve Vaughn
Self-Organizing Teams and New York's Soda Size Ban

Venkatesh Krishnamurthy relates New York's unpopular soda size ban with the conflicts that arise from self-organizing teams. Michael Bloomberg (ScrumMaster) had good intentions to save lives by bringing this change; however, he didn’t get support from the citizens (self-organized team).

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Venkatesh Krish...
What Is a True Agile Coach?

Obtaining a Scrum or agile certification typically does not require that a person learn the fundamental differences between coaching, facilitation, and mentoring. This lack of understanding is reducing the quality of coaching to our customers.

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Venkatesh Krish...
Why You Need Accountability in a Scrum Development Team

Often a developer who questions his team members and follows up with open-action items will be regarded as being rude. However, sometimes you need people to hold others accountable for their actions if you want your team to be successful.

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