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Twitter: The Anti-Social Media Giant?

Twitter has taken a stand against the NSA and any party trying to snoop around their servers and its users' information by implementing their perfect forward secrecy (PFS) plan for their mobile and web platforms. Read more to learn how this social juggernaut is keeping information private.

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Cameron Philipp...
The Biggest Development Trends of 2012

It’s human nature to want to look back on the year we just finished and to look forward with anticipation to the coming year. Joe Townsend rounds up this year's biggest trends and shares his thoughts of what 2013 has in store for software and IT professionals.

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Joe Townsend
Three Cases of Hacking You Should Know About

In this roundup, we learn that hackers either have—or don’t have—millions of Apple user IDs, how to protect your company's precious data, and Google is hosting an upcoming hacking competition in which the winner will take away $60,000.

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Jonathan Vanian
Apple and the FBI Play “Not Me!” in Latest Security Breach

When the identities of more than 12 million Apple users are compromised, who is to blame? Nobody is speaking up after the most recent high profile Anonymous hacking incident, and the reputations of everyone involved are on the line.

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Noel Wurst
Middle East Oil Companies Defend against Malware Attacks

Several countries in the Middle East have been victims of advanced malware attacks in 2012. Who is behind them, and what's being done to protect against future attacks? The malware being used is highly sophisticated, and many believe countries with opposing ideologies are to blame.

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Noel Wurst