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Screen showing successful automated test Using Systems Thinking to Extend Your Test Automation Power

When automated tests work perfectly one day but fail for no discernible reason the next, it's easy to get frustrated with automation. But you don't have to stay in the dark. Many of the tools we use today allow us to extend their reach with some custom code. Just use some systems thinking and a little imagination.

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Mike Duskis
The Importance of Agile Source Code Management

If agile teams do not effectively utilize source code management, they can miss out on key benefits and sometimes even lose essential source code used for application deployment. But done well, a source code management solution can provide the best platform for effective agile practices. Bob Aiello explains.

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Bob Aiello
NASA Releases Software Code for Rockets to Robotics and More

Over the years, NASA’s aerospace research and development has launched many well-known technologies that we use here on Earth, as well as in space. NASA recently released an online software catalog listing more than a thousand computer codes that can be accessed and adopted at no charge.

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Pamela Rentz