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Beware of Serial Status Meetings

Standup meetings are great in many instances. But if you're calling serial status meetings, you may find that people will stop attending. To engage employees and address issues quicker, you may want to try lean coffee or a problem-solving meeting. Read on for tips on involving your team.

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Johanna Rothman
Four Reasons to Stick with Daily Scrum Meetings

Every team member is required to attend a daily scrum meeting. Pro tip: The ScrumMaster and product owner are team members too, despite their titles of leadership. If you feel you don’t need to attend every daily scrum, then consider these four reasons why you should stick with it.

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A Helpful Guide to Daily Standup Scrum Meetings

The daily standup meeting is a critical element of scrum teams. Its simplicity and benefits have even attracted the attention of practitioners of waterfall development. Venkatesh Krishnamurthy presents a helpful guide to the daily standup meeting.

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Counter Those Boring Meetings with Stand-up Meetings

Do you consider a “boring meeting” to be a redundant phrase? As helpful as advice on staying awake during boring meetings may be, keep in mind that ten-to-fifteen-minute stand-up sessions could be an effective way to make meetings more productive and less boring.

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Naomi Karten