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Woman examining a contract for new software When Buying New Software, Make Sure You're Getting What You Really Need

The first step in any significant software procurement is to assure there is a clear definition of the business problem being solved. If you don’t know what you want, you aren’t prepared to negotiate for it, so you'll end up with a system or tool that isn't what you need—and you'll likely be disappointed at delivery.

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Payson Hall
Selecting a Software Configuration Management Tool

Deciding on a vendor for your CM tool can be fun or gut wrenching. The decision you make will affect how you control files, interact with other tools, and will touch every aspect of you daily work. Joe Townsend lists six questions you should ask before selecting a tool.

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Joe Townsend
Can You Trust Configuration Management Vendors and Consultants?

Many of us in the configuration management world will wonder at some point in our careers whether or not we can really trust vendors and consultants. Joe Townsend shares his tips on dealing with these parties who may harbor ulterior motives.

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Joe Townsend