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Collection of abstract boxes Virtualization or Containerization? Choosing the Right Strategy

Virtualization and containerization are the top approaches when it comes to enabling scalability, limiting overhead costs, and standardizing software development, deployment, and management across multiple platforms. Each has its pros and cons, so which is the right choice for your team, application, and technology?

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Kunal Chauhan
Virtual machine Explaining Hardware Virtualization and Containerization

Virtualization is the abstraction of a computer resource—such as hardware, memory, storage, an operating system, a desktop machine, or a network—built on top of the physical resource. There are many types of virtualization, and here, we look at virtualization of hardware and of an operating system, or containerization.

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Deepak Vohra
tester dream Virtualization—A Tester's Dream?

For testers, virtual machines can be a game changer. To what degree the game really changes depends largely on how an organization decides to work with virtual machines and how active the testers themselves are in recognizing and leveraging virtual machines’ possibilities.

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Hans Buwalda
How to Better Test and Optimize Mobile Applications

There’s no single solution that can guarantee success in the mobile testing space. However, by incorporating virtualization and making use of the cloud, you can test the functionality, performance, and security of an application across a bevy of networks.

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Josiah Renaudin
How DevOps Is Making Testers Evolve

As the streamlined DevOps movement catches on, more and more companies are abandoning “traditional testers” and getting software developers to test. Testers are not becoming obsolete—but it means testers have to evolve and start ensuring that quality is baked in. Adam Auerbach details how they need to change.

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Adam Auerbach
Why You Need to Performance Test Your Mobile Apps

Even the most patient users can become frustrated when apps fail to load. A single day's worth of traffic can make or break a business, and that’s why it’s critical to performance test your apps to make sure that they’ll both work on real devices and be able to handle a large number of users.

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Josiah Renaudin
Shift Left and Put Quality First

When switching to an agile workflow, it's assumed that you'll be able to deliver products faster and more efficiently right away. But adopting agile is just one part of the equation. You also have to focus on the technical enablers you need. Adam Auerbach explains some factors that worked for him.

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Adam Auerbach
Combining DevOps with a Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Organizations that have adopted DevOps can take the collaborative practice even further by using a hybrid cloud architecture. Sumit Mehrotra explains how a hybrid cloud's benefits of automation, self-service, and visibility all contribute to DevOps' ability to rapidly accelerate development.

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Sumit Mehrotra