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A Novel Approach to Saying No to Your Manager

People say you shouldn't manage your manager. But when you reach a point when you are overwhelmed with work, it’s time to fend for yourself and say no. However, you don't have to use threats or ultimatums. Read on to learn how you can stand up to your manager without sacrificing tact—or your job.

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Naomi Karten
Why You Should Build a Custom Performance Testing Framework

Performance testing involves an unparalleled combination of different workloads and technologies—which translates to a large set of variables for a performance test. Creating a custom simulation framework lets you execute varied performance tests at any stage of the product development cycle.

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Prashant Suri
Cloud Application Migration—It’s the Network, Stupid

SaaS and IaaS vendors are looking for solutions to facilitate customer on-boarding, while customers are looking for ways to minimize vendor lock-in. Why have these services been so slow to mature? The functionality is much needed as more workloads are migrating or being built directly in the cloud.

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Beth Cohen