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AI and Machine Learning: Revolutionizing App Development

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning have taken app development by storm. People often use these terms interchangeably, but they are not the same.

Machine learning is a technique of feeding data to machines, which they learn from and become capable of driving better conclusions.AI is an ecosystem where machines are made to work intelligently, and machine learning is one of the cornerstones, or a subset of AI.

AI is a revolution, and machine learning is one of its major aspects enabling developers to create smart apps.

There are two kinds of AI-powered apps.With applied AI, complex calculations make the program capable of making an intelligent decision. The use cases are an autonomous driver, which is only capable of limited action. Generalized AI is the zone of AI driven by machine learning, which makes programs learn so they can handle any kind of task. A lot of it is driven by the tremendous amount of data generated online.

AI and machine learning transform an app into a smart app, and there are several benefits that come along with that.

Personalized Experience

A machine learning algorithm makes an app capable of developing a learning curve, just like humans. It analyzes a user’s shopping behavior and makes a conclusion out of that data, and the recommendation engine offers a buying suggestion.Machine learning renders an interactive capability to the app that mirrors the behavior of an in-store salesperson providing advice on what to buy.

Smart Search

Machine learning can give a search engine a better understanding of the filters the app uses and offer more precise, directed, and contextual outputs. All this data is collected, and the app behaves in a more personalized manner for the next experience.

Relevant Ads

Having non-targeted ads on an app does not make sense. With AI and machine learning, the display of ads on the app is defined by the algorithms that understand the user’s behavior and choice. Even the advertising can be made personal so that the ads are targeted to the right audience. Machine learning ascertains how a particular user will respond to an offer or promotion, not only adding to revenues but also creating a better brand image.

Enhanced Security

AI and machine learning can add to the security parameters of an app with features like facial recognition, voice recognition, and determining and preventing malware attacks.Such features put app owners in a better light as a responsible service provider that cares about consumer data security.

Efficient Support

Chatbots are programs driven by machine learning algorithms, understanding user data and learning more about them to solve problems and provide appropriate answers.Machine learning also can tell you how often and at what times users access the app, so you can push notifications and updates when it makes the most sense.

Bespoke Features

Machine learning and AI also hold tremendous potential to increase the shelf life of your apps. Features like speech-to-text conversion and responding to speech instruction open a new dimension for growth.

AI and machine learning are the new disruptors that will define app growth in the future. Cutting-edge features developed using AI and machine learning can help you deliver better apps to your users.


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