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Virtual reality photo by Samuel Zeller 4 Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Your Workplace

Businesses are adopting virtual reality as a means of strengthening marketing tactics, increasing collaboration, and connecting with consumers. For those new to VR, it’s important to understand how a virtual world could be used in your day-today operations. Here are four ways virtual reality will impact the workplace.

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Anthony Coggine
doctor using tablet FDA Pilots Program to Pre-Certify Digital Health Software

As healthcare undergoes a digital transformation, how can the traditional regulatory process keep pace? The FDA recently announced the initial participants in a pilot program that will pre-certify digital health tech companies that meet quality standards for software design, validation, and maintenance.

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Pamela Rentz
Internet of things applications 3 Proven Strategies for High-Quality IoT Applications

IoT apps extend test activities to more devices, test cases, and compliance requirements. Handling this extension while maintaining high quality can be done with planning, innovation, and careful execution. Here are three recommendations for expanding your test strategies to ensure high-quality IoT applications.

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Amir Rozenberg
Collection of mobile devices Assemble an Efficient Mobile Device Farm to Maximize Your Testing

Mobile testers need to know which devices and operating systems are in demand, but you don’t want to have to maintain (and test) every device on the market. Here’s how you can set up the most relevant farm of mobile devices so that you can feel secure that your application will work correctly for most of your users.

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Max Zheleznyy
treesnap app logo Citizen Scientist Project: Saving Trees with Apps

Our forests struggle with invasive species and pests, yet some trees still survive. Why? To find out, scientists need resilient trees to study, and that’s where technology and citizen scientists can contribute—with TreeSnap, a free mobile app that enables everyday people to tag trees that scientists can study.

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Pamela Rentz
Mobile application testing A Beginner's Guide to Mobile Application Testing

Mobile is a great area to focus on for testers who are looking to expand their skills. So, what do you need to know before you can start testing mobile applications? Here's some information about tools and techniques that can help you get a good start in the expanding arena of mobile application testing.

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Max Zheleznyy
virtual reality headset Gearing Up to Test in the Augmented and Virtual Reality World

With close to $9 billion being funneled into virtual reality investments in the last five years and the number of users buying these devices continuing to rise, the augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) sectors are important areas in which testers should focus their efforts.

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Mukesh Sharma
combination lock Where Does the Burden of Software Security Lie?

Security is continuing to skyrocket in importance as we tie more and more aspects of our personal life to the phones we carry. And with the Internet of Things burrowing deeper and deeper into our daily lives, we need to understand who has access to our info and how we can best protect ourselves.

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Josiah Renaudin