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UI and UX UI and the Need to Meet User Demands

A customer-centric mindset might be most important when it comes to the user experience and user interface. With so many different available options on mobile devices, if users don’t like the way your app runs, looks, or functions, they’ll drop it before you get a chance to update anything.

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Josiah Renaudin
dr using touch screen Artificial Intelligence and Health Care: Predicting Patient Deterioration

As part of a medical research partnership with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the team of scientists and engineers at DeepMind, the artificial intelligence group at Alphabet (Google’s parent company), will work on the global issue of patient deterioration during hospital care.

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Pamela Rentz
A voice-activated home device and a smartphone voice assistant Testing Next-Generation Digital Interfaces

With chatbots, facial recognition, voice integrations, and more, digital interfaces have a complex software side. With concrete examples from the market, Amir Rozenberg offers new approaches for embedding quality and test activities into the development cycle when dealing with this new generation of digital interfaces.

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Amir Rozenberg
tree root Is Testing on Rooted Mobile Devices Worth It?

Rooting may help you achieve a few otherwise difficult-to-simulate scenarios, but it comes with its own baggage that can weigh down potential benefits. Testers have to carefully weigh the pros and cons and the true need to root a device for a testing assignment before doing so.

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Mukesh Sharma
baby crawling Is Your Child Meeting Development Milestones? The CDC Has an App for That

There are apps that track everything from your fitness goals and calories consumed to the whereabouts of your spouse. However, if you have a young child from age 2 months to 5 years in your life, the free CDC Milestone Tracker is a pretty good mobile app for tracking your child’s development.

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Pamela Rentz
google art and culture Art Appreciation 3.0: Google Arts & Culture Selfies and AI

Were your social media feeds recently flooded with selfies of your friends and contacts, matching themselves to portraits found in museum collections around the world? If you didn’t catch on to what was happening, the #GoogleArts app gave a new twist to the world trending #MuseumSelfie Day.

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Pamela Rentz
Virtual reality photo by Samuel Zeller 4 Ways to Use Virtual Reality in Your Workplace

Businesses are adopting virtual reality as a means of strengthening marketing tactics, increasing collaboration, and connecting with consumers. For those new to VR, it’s important to understand how a virtual world could be used in your day-today operations. Here are four ways virtual reality will impact the workplace.

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Anthony Coggine
doctor using tablet FDA Pilots Program to Pre-Certify Digital Health Software

As healthcare undergoes a digital transformation, how can the traditional regulatory process keep pace? The FDA recently announced the initial participants in a pilot program that will pre-certify digital health tech companies that meet quality standards for software design, validation, and maintenance.

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Pamela Rentz