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summit supercomputer World’s Fastest Supercomputer Summit Is Ready

Acceptance testing is complete, and selected users are starting to tackle the most complex of science problems on the 200-petaflop IBM AC922 Summit supercomputer. Summit enables scientists to explore new territory and uncover insights by applying artificial intelligence algorithms.

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Pamela Rentz
People applauding near a medal saying "2018" Top 10 TechWell Insights Stories of 2018

Many teams are embracing new practices, and several of last year's most-read stories reflect that, with topics such as AI, DevOps, and continuous testing. But it looks like lots of teams also want to get back to basics, because guides to tried-and-true agile and testing methods also ranked high. Check out the roundup.

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Beth Romanik
Android with artificial intelligence Testing the Ethics of AI

AI is a double-edged sword. When it's being used in situations involving sensitive personal data, such as health care, banking and finance, and real estate, security is of the utmost importance—and so are ethical implications. It’s up to testers to mitigate risks and make sure AI is used responsibly.

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Rajini Padmanaban
painter's palette Why State-of-the-Art Technology Needs Art and Tech

There’s a longstanding, often passionate debate about art versus design and what separates the two. Now, many advocate that technology presents yet another creative medium, and silos are being torn down as art, design, and technology are increasingly entwined.

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Pamela Rentz
Image of a person's face made out of code Designing a Smart QA Strategy

With increasingly complex and sophisticated technologies being used in testing, quality has to become a smart activity. A smart QA strategy is both about building smart models and making smart choices. We must keep in mind the balance between manual and automated solutions and which are needed to accomplish our goals.

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Mukesh Sharma
Microphone on a stage at a conference Lessons Learned (and Unlearned) at STARCANADA 2018

With a week full of sessions, tutorials, training classes, and events, the STARCANADA software testing conference had plenty of takeaways. Some highlights: what jobs will look like in the future with AI, why testers should lead efforts to make quality everyone's responsibility, and the importance of unlearning.

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Owen Gotimer
Drawing of a digital brain made of circuitboards How AI Is Transforming Software Testing

At our modern pace of rapid software delivery, manual testing alone is simply inadequate. AI will soon be a necessity to keep pace and equip QA and test teams with augmented efficiencies. But don't fear the future; just like automation tools already have, AI is going to complement—not replace—your testing efforts.

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Raj Subramanian
contextual reasoning AI R&D: DARPA Investing $2 Billion in Contextual Reasoning

In the view of the Pentagon’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a government agency that has contributed heavily to AI research in the past, AI’s programmed ability to process information is still much too limited. What AI needs is contextual reasoning capabilities.

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Pamela Rentz