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Security Tips for App Development

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When companies develop applications they consider competitors and the market, but the most important aspect of app development is cybersecurity. Developers need to release apps that don’t put consumers or their data in danger.

Here are five tips that app developers should keep in mind to create and maintain the most secure apps possible.

Security Testing

Testing may be the most critical step in the whole development process, and under no circumstances should this phase be skipped, regardless of deadlines and how much else has to be done. Put the competition out of your mind and focus on testing to make sure you have a secure app that you can release to the market.

API Strategy

There is a strong link between mobile app development and APIs that cannot be ignored. In order to have a secure application, the API has to also be secure, because they are responsible for managing the flow of information between all the concerned parties. Developers and testers should treat their APIs as the primary conduit that they are.

Consumer Data Solutions

Mobile apps are different from web-based apps because they have different storage requirements to handle much more data and code. The more data the app needs to store, the more vulnerable it is, so mobile app developers have to come up with consumer data solutions to help handle vulnerabilities and protect consumer data. It’s not enough to simply use the same tactics as web-based application security; the security solutions have to be tailored for mobile applications.

Security Measures

Security has to be well established and tested before releasing the app to the public. This means that before consumers can even access the app, the right security measures and authentication protocols have to be laid out. This must be managed by experienced developers because it’s a difficult task to equip an application with the proper identification and authentication tools. Authorization technology has progressed at a rapid pace, so this step should not be left to inexperienced developers.

Secure Back-End Connections

Your app’s APIs need to access cloud servers, which may either be your company’s or belong to a third party. It’s important to ensure there is the right back-end security on these network connections to protect users. If you don’t have the right security and unauthorized users are able to access cloud servers and network connection, you can expose yourself to cyber attacks. Sensitive information that goes between databases has to be secured at all times, from end to end.

By following these best practices, app developers can greatly reduce their security risks and create apps that are safe for their consumers to use.

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