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Why Are Credential Stuffing Attacks On The Rise?

Malicious hackers have an abundance of attack methods at their disposal, ranging from the crude to the highly sophisticated. Credential stuffing is a type of brute force cyber attack that is increasing in popularity, and this article seeks to explain why.

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Ronan Mahony
The Importance of Data Classification in a Post-GDPR World The Importance of Data Classification in a Post-GDPR World

Automated data classification can have a range of benefits. These include making it possible to organize and secure data for compliance purposes, assisting with deletion of data that is no longer needed, enabling monitoring and alerting, and reducing the cost of compliance.

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Gilad David Maayan
data cloud The Rise of Security Challenges for the Data Cloud

Data is getting dispersed across numerous databases, microservices, analytics tools, and pipelines. This results in increased security concerns that will soon become “top-of-mind” for engineering and security teams alike.

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Manav Mital
Authentication Why use JSON Web Token (JWT) in Authentication

JSON Web Token (JWT) is an open, JSON-based standard for securely transmitting information between parties. In addition to secure information exchange, JWT could be used for authentication.

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Deepak Vohra
Records Management Why You Should Automate Compliance

Compliance policy is one of those things most employees find boring and useless. However, for employers, staying compliant is one of the most crucial tasks and can have serious legal and financial repercussions if not done properly. But how can you make following compliance policy easier for your employees?

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Alex Morgan
Cloud Security Operationalizing Cloud Security with Policy-as-Code

Josh Stella explores why PaC is critical to validate that large, complex cloud infrastructure environments adhere to industry compliance standard and internal policies.


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Josh Stella
Technical due diligence 3 Critical Considerations for Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is the process of verifying a company’s technical capabilities, quality, and processes. It is typically performed by investors or buyers before a contract. There are many aspects you can investigate, but three are crucial: a code review, security evaluation, and open source components compliance.

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Gilad David Maayan
Computer screen showing emergency alert about the coronavirus Lessons the Software Community Must Take from the Pandemic

Due to COVID-19, organizations of all types have had to implement continuity plans within an unreasonably short amount of time. These live experiments in agility have shaken up our industry, but it's also taught us a lot of invaluable lessons about digital transformation, cybersecurity, performance engineering, and more.

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Mukesh Sharma