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defect classification

The Ethical Responsibility of Defect Severity Classification

When dealing with defect classification, it's important to not blindly adhere to the criteria without consideration for real business or human implications. If your software does safety-critical work, do the defect levels reflect that? Or could something go live with potentially disastrous consequences?

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Payson Hall
Jelly Beans and Defect Classification: Different Strategies for Success

When there’s a bowl of jelly beans, some people grab a few at random, but most of us have favorites. If you're crafty and have flexible standards, you can maximize consumption by adjusting your criteria as colors dwindle. Classifying defects should not be like choosing jelly beans; you need firm standards.

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Payson Hall
How to Avoid Embarrassing Yourself on a Culturally Diverse Team

There are few things healthier in the workplace than a culturally diverse team of professionals—provided that everyone knows how to play by the rules and respect the differences that make each team member unique. Make sure your actions aren't misconstrued for something they are not.

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Eric Bloom