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Paper Requirements Discipline: Avoiding “Death by a Thousand Paper Cuts"

Absent an effective requirements baseline it is difficult to distinguish clarifications and error correction from enhancements and changes to the original ask.

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Payson Hall
"Does not equal" sign Agile Is Not the Same as DevOps

Agile and DevOps are two terms that are often confused with each other and sometimes used interchangeably. But they are not the same idea. While both improve software performance, these concepts are actually quite different. Let's look at their definitions, origins, and principles, as well as using each in practice.

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Deepak Vohra
Broken glass Why Does Everyone Pick on Agile?

People in the software development community often declare that agile is dead and they have a new approach. But much of what is proposed as a “better agile” is usually just a reorganization, rewording, or clarification of the existing agile principles. Jeff Payne argues for keeping agile together as one movement.

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Jeffery Payne
Agile Does Not Equal Scrum: Know the Difference

Some people say “agile/Scrum,” as though they’re the same thing. They're not! Scrum is just one way to approach agile. Johanna Rothman defines each concept and also addresses kanban and Extreme Programming, two more approaches. Don't write off agile until you've explored different ways it could work for you.

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Johanna Rothman
From Waterfall to Agile: Keys to Making the Transition

A number of teams are making the agile transition, and while plenty of agile coaches give strong advice for how to go from zero to agile in a measured, streamlined manner, it’s also important to focus on how to transition from an existing waterfall mentality to an agile one.

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Josiah Renaudin
DevOps Begins with Developers

The DevOps movement accelerates the delivery of high-quality features to customers. While that's great, there is a ton of work required to make it happen, with a high change curve to overcome—and perhaps the most critical change is to the way the developer works. Here's why this disruption is necessary.

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Adam Auerbach
Why Agile Might Benefit People Even More Than Software

Agile produces software that is more thoroughly tested and secure, at a speed that the current marketplace almost demands. But beyond making better mobile apps or more appealing software, how important is agile when it comes to not only cultivating a strong team, but also communicating with clients?

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Josiah Renaudin
Samsung Moving from Waterfall to Agile to Shorten Galaxy Development

There is an ongoing debate concerning agile's viability within an organization compared to waterfall. More and more, agile seems to be the conclusion that major teams are arriving at, and Samsung is the latest company taking advantage of agile to get its products to consumers at a greater speed.

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Josiah Renaudin