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A Physical Metaphor for Quick Fixes and Root Cause Analysis

If you deal with legacy code you’ve likely found yourself struggling to debug and fix a mysterious, intermittent problem. Along the way you may have discovered some code that didn’t quite make sense.

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Steve Berczuk
Technical due diligence 3 Critical Considerations for Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligence is the process of verifying a company’s technical capabilities, quality, and processes. It is typically performed by investors or buyers before a contract. There are many aspects you can investigate, but three are crucial: a code review, security evaluation, and open source components compliance.

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Gilad David Maayan
Computer screen showing emergency alert about the coronavirus Lessons the Software Community Must Take from the Pandemic

Due to COVID-19, organizations of all types have had to implement continuity plans within an unreasonably short amount of time. These live experiments in agility have shaken up our industry, but it's also taught us a lot of invaluable lessons about digital transformation, cybersecurity, performance engineering, and more.

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Mukesh Sharma
Stylish older woman with gray hair wearing a fedora Aging Gracefully in QA

Employee churn is inevitable in every industry, and positions are being filled by fresh young faces all the time. Instead of becoming worried or insecure, senior team members should embrace their new status as someone to be looked up to for experience, lessons, and mentoring abilities. Here's how to do that in QA.

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Mukesh Sharma
Question mark drawn on a chalkboard To Be a Better Tester, Ask the Right Questions

Critical thinking is a core trait a software tester needs to succeed, and asking questions is a great skill to help. Questioning brings out the required information, breaks assumptions, and enables everyone on the team to give their perspectives. But there's an art to asking the right question at the right time.

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Rajini Padmanaban
Collection of colorful open umbrellas creating coverage Testing Is Insurance, Not Assurance

The Iowa Democratic Party used a mobile app to pull results from statewide precincts for the Iowa caucus. But the app was not properly tested or deployed, and it turned into a high-profile tech disaster. When deadlines loom, release testing is often what gets cut, but this situation shows why it's a crucial activity.

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Alan Crouch
2020 confetti Softer Testing Skills to Focus On in 2020

Although technical skills will always be essential for testers, this should be the year we also have a collective responsibility to focus on two softer aspects: being realistic about goals for quality, and bringing back simplicity into the software engineering discipline. Here's how these goals can bring value in 2020.

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Mukesh Sharma
Person holding a sparkler with New Year's fireworks in the background Top 10 TechWell Insights Stories of 2019

Career development was on many software practitioners' minds in 2019, as some of our top stories were about having a technical lead on a Scrum team and making the switch from quality assurance to quality engineering. Stories about new ideas such as DevOps and continuous testing also ranked high. Check out the roundup.

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Beth Romanik