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What's in the Fall 2015 Issue of Better Software Magazine?

For the first time, the cover of Better Software magazine showcases two articles. The dual features are about the new ISO 29119 software quality standard—one pro, one con. Reading both points of view will make you think about what your organization is doing to adopt quality standards.

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Ken Whitaker
How Testing Is Changing for the DevOps World

The role of software testing and quality assurance is becoming increasingly important in a DevOps setup. This position has undergone a lot of change in the testing practices used, tools leveraged, and the shift in skill set and mindset of practitioners, and testers have a lot to learn from DevOps.

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Mukesh Sharma
Using Keywords to Support Behavior-Driven Development

Behavior-driven development tests can be efficiently automated with keywords, avoiding the need of a programming language and minimizing the involvement of developers. Hans Buwalda details how to support BDD scenarios with actions and keywords and switch between formats depending on your needs.

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Hans Buwalda
The Evolution of the DevOps Quality Management Office

DevOps is evolving, and as teams adopt it, they will need increased continuous quality along with continuous delivery. The DevOps quality management office is a a set of processes, tools, and competencies to drive testing efficiencies in DevOps initiatives, which will accelerate quality delivery.

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Deepika Mamnani
Agile Testing: A Lesson in Diversity

Though many QA organizations today use agile development methods, depending on the industry, they can experience very different challenges and successes. By exploring the diversity in the testing world, you can learn other industries’ strengths and think about how they could apply to your field.

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Deepika Mamnani
Shift Left and Put Quality First

When switching to an agile workflow, it's assumed that you'll be able to deliver products faster and more efficiently right away. But adopting agile is just one part of the equation. You also have to focus on the technical enablers you need. Adam Auerbach explains some factors that worked for him.

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Adam Auerbach
Early Testing Questions for Mobile Apps

A mobile app tester should take early actions to gain a better understanding of the product. What test verification and validation actions has the developer taken? Has the developer implemented static code-analysis testing? What risks exist for the product? Read on for more test-planning questions.

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Jon Hagar
Do Testers Need Programming Skills?

To more technically understand the product under development and to automate tests, including developing test frameworks and customizing tools to meet the team’s testing needs, programming skills definitely come in handy for a tester. Should testers absolutely need to know how to program?

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Mukesh Sharma