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Mobile Technology Companies Switching Platforms

Samsung recently announced the release of its Tizen-based smart watches, which means it ditched Android. About the same time, there was news that Nokia embraced Android when announcing its Nokia X series of phones. What's causing established mobile vendors to switch their underlying platforms?

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Anuj Magazine
HTML5: Making Moves in Mobile Markets

In the US and Europe, Android and Apple’s iOS dominate the markets for mobile web app development. However, other markets in the world—where HTML5 is playing a significant role in mobile development—tell a different story. Read on to see how HTML5 edges out iOS and gives Android cause for concern.

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Cameron Philipp...
November Security News Roundup

In the following roundup of the latest security news, read how a team of researchers from North Carolina State University discovered security flaws in Google's Android OS and how seven popular open source applications and products contain vulnerabilities that hackers could potentially exploit.

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Jonathan Vanian
Is There Room for a Third Mobile Operating System?

iOS and Android have a dominating presence in the mobile operating system world and in their associated app stores. The market shares for each of them keep varying over time, but the two together have such a strong hold that the question remains: Is there space for a third player?

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Rajini Padmanaban
US Government Says Android Mobile OS Is Top Malware Target

When it comes to malware attacks, there is one mobile operating system—Android—that walks away with the dubious honor of being recognized as the number one target by two US security agencies. Pamela Rentz provides details about the report released by the DHS and the FBI.

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Pamela Rentz
Five Things BOINC Lets You Do with a Smartphone

The market lifespan of a cell phone is becoming roughly equivalent to last season’s outfit, which means you may have a not-so-old smartphone just sitting around. BOINC allows smartphone users to contribute their phone's processing power to scientific research when charging their phones.

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Pamela Rentz
How Android Became the OS of the Internet of Things

Steve Vaughn writes that the Android operating system is making possible the concept of the Internet of Things. The opportunity is available to device makers to deliver innovation through the existing Android app ecosystem

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Steve Vaughn
The Rise of Android on the Desktop

With desktop PC sales plummeting, so has the influence of Microsoft and its Windows operating system. However, as consumers look to an alternative to Windows, it appears that PC makers are turning their attention to the Android OS. Steve Vaughn explores the rise of Android on the desktop.

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Steve Vaughn