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Android phone showing apps Google's Android App Bundle Is a Win for Developers and Users

Google’s new Android App Bundle is a publishing format that offers a more efficient way for developers to build and release apps. It creates lean application APKs that are optimized for each device configuration, without refactoring. This means engineers need to code less, and users are happy to get a smaller download.

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Shikha Sharma
Tester holding black Android smartphone Detecting and Preventing Android Security Risks

Even though the Android app development process involves thorough verification, there has been no preventing new malware from being developed. Here are some of the most common potential security risks Android users should watch out for, as well as some measures to take to protect your smartphone, data, and privacy.

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Harshal Shah
Android logo and the words "Instant Apps" How Mobile Developers Can Take Advantage of Android Instant Apps

Google's Instant Apps offer users a way to easily engage with software without having to download the app. Any Android developer can now develop Instant Apps—or adapt their existing apps to support this feature—streamlining the way users interact with their content, store, or game. Will you modify your native app?

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Nicholas Roberts
How to Keep Your Mobile App on Users’ Home Screens

The average mobile user spends more than 80 percent of his time on just five mobile applications, which commonly include messaging and social media options. So, what can you do to not only get people to download your app, but also keep them interested for more than just a few hours?

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Josiah Renaudin
Thanks to HTML5, Pure Native Apps Don’t Exist

Just about every native app developed today includes some HTML, even if its creators are labeling it otherwise. It’s a pervasive language that’s made it hard to crown native apps as the clear winner. In reality, pure native apps are a dying breed.

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Josiah Renaudin
China Challenging Google and Microsoft in OS War

Thanks to a lack of trust in the United States' surveillance policies, China hopes to replace massively popular properties such as Windows and Android as the leading OS in the country, both on mobile and desktop devices. The current target date for release is October.

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Josiah Renaudin
Google Could Erase the Line between Web and Native Apps

The latest update to Android is going to make web-based applications more integrated with native apps, reducing the transition time when switching from one to the other. After awhile, you might not even know whether you're thumbing through the web or accessing an app that's native to your phone.

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Josiah Renaudin
Will You Be Putting On Google’s Android Wear?

Google has announced Android Wear, a project that extends the Android operating system to wearable technology devices beyond Google Glass. The first project will be smartwatches, a tech device you wear on your wrist that does much more than tell you what time it is. Will you give it a try?

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Pamela Rentz