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Finger Vein Biometric Authentication Comes to Banking

Barclays, a global banking company based in London, has announced that next year the bank will begin offering its corporate banking customers a new biometric security technology that uses finger vein authentication, eliminating the need for PINs and passcodes.

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Pamela Rentz
The Financial System and Biological Suicide

The US financial system has been severally impacted by many outages in recent months. These banking technology glitches have been described as a form of "biological suicide," which highlights the dangers of banks continuing to rely on outdated legacy systems.

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Bob Aiello
The Biggest Cyber Hacks in Recent Weeks

In this roundup of the biggest cyber hacks in recent weeks, we learn that pacemakers could potentially be set to kill, the UK will not be extraditing an alleged hacker to the US, and Islamist hacktivists are at it again with another take-down of a major bank’s website.

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Jonathan Vanian