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Is There a Sense of Urgency in Your Workplace?

Anuj Magazine looks at how a sense of urgency impacts the workplace and answers two questions: What happens when a sense of urgency is lacking? How do you inculcate a sense of urgency in your workers?

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Anuj Magazine
The Latest News and Reviews of BlackBerry 10

Joe Townsend rounds up the latest news and reviews of BlackBerry 10 and how RIM plans to attract new users. In today’s IT industry in which we are married to our phones and laptops, it's important to keep up with the latest on mobile devices.

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Joe Townsend
Don’t Judge a Phone by Its Cover: Inside the BlackBerry 10

The launch of the long awaited BlackBerry 10—with a touchscreen—was January 29. To RIM's credit, the initial reaction was remarkably positive. Looking past its similar appearance to most other phones, we take a look at the ever-important OS to see what makes it tick.

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Noel Wurst
Can RIM Make a Comeback with the BlackBerry 10?

Can Research in Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry smartphone make a comeback with its newest release, dubbed BlackBerry 10? Joe Townsend rounds up what the tech media is saying about RIM, whose writing may be on the wall.

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Joe Townsend
Ten Things to Know about Blackberry 10

Research in Motion is looking to win back some market share with its upcoming Blackberry 10 release. Here are ten things developers should know about the new platform—and why you shouldn’t discount BB 10 just yet.

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Jamie Saine
Bring Your Own Device—Are We There Yet?

Outside of niche industries, no one has questioned having a company purchase and control the hardware and software that employees use to do their jobs. With more people having computers outside of the work environment and the widespread use of mobile devices, it is time to revisit that idea.

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Beth Cohen
Why the UK Police Are Wrong about IT and Why You Should Care

While value for money is always important, a more important question should be “What problem are you trying to solve?” Unless you fully explore the problem, you’ll have no idea if IT is the best solution.

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Adrian Reed