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Agile team contributing in a brainwriting session Brainstorming 2.0: Generate Better Ideas with Brainwriting

For decades brainstorming has been our go-to method for ideation, yet it holds back our success when the environment doesn't encourage everyone to contribute. Instead, try brainwriting—writing ideas on paper and letting teammates iterate on them. It improves not only the quantity of ideas you get, but also the quality.

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Chris Murman
Brainstorming: A Great Tool for Business Analysts and Everyone

Brainstorming is an extremely useful tool in business analysis. In order to yield maximum results, brainstorming sessions need to be well planned and consider the needs and preferences of the attendees. Adrian Reed provides useful tips for preparing a brainstorming session.

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Adrian Reed
The Case for (and Against) Brainstorming

Is brainstorming effective? Several studies suggest that rather than unleashing the potential of a group, brainstorming actually makes each person less creative. Naomi Karten explains the best way to brainstorm—if you decide to do so.

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Naomi Karten