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Should Non-IT Professionals Learn to Code?

Globally, there has been a lot of push in the last year to generate more coding awareness among non-IT professionals. However, even for those who agree that coding is important, there are differing opinions about who should learn it. What is vital is understanding the end goal of learning to code.

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Mukesh Sharma
How Agile Prevents Software Decay

All of us have been in the situation where fixing a single issue can produce several other defects. Agile embraces continuous design changes and code refactoring to meet challenges from emerging requirements. This inherently promotes practices that prevent software decay.

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Mukesh Chaudhary
How to Keep Your Development Skills Up to Date

If you are a software developer, you work in one of the most dynamic fields. You have to keep your skills up to date in order to stay marketable. But if your company is a “laggard,” how do you prevent being left behind?

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Steve Vaughn
Why We Need a New Model for Project Governance

We all know that organizations establish a project management office (PMO) as their main model for project governance. However, this does not provide a competitive advantage that allows organizations to respond to ever-increasing customer needs.

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Sameh Zeid
HTML5 November Roundup

In this roundup, we learn that a new survey shows developers planning to use more HTML5 in their jobs, Wikipedia is getting an HTML5 video player, and a popular Japanese mobile gaming company is betting on the markup language to boost sales.

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Jonathan Vanian
Improving Your Measurements to Influence Behavior

Measuring things is easy, but measuring the right things and acting appropriately based on what you have measured is hard. What you do with measurements can influence behavior, so it’s worth putting some thought into what you measure.

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Steve Berczuk
Variant Management Starts with Design

Joe Farah describes how to not overload your branching with variants so as to permit your customers to dynamically modify the behavior of a software product. Variant management is a CM issue, but it has to be dealt with in the product design first.

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Joe Farah