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Tester in a business suit giving a thumbs-up Career Options for Testers in the Age of Agile and DevOps

Software testing expertise is still a critical need. But as we enter the age of agile and DevOps, the industry is changing. If you’re in a software quality or testing role now as a direct contributor or leader, how should you prepare? What’s your next career step? Here's how you should equip yourself for the future.

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Michael Sowers
A stack of books and pens on a desk The 3 Kinds of Learning That Influence Your Work

The degree of confidence in your knowledge may vary, often due to the process you went through to learn the concept. An understanding of how different learning techniques affect the depth of your knowledge can help you with how you process information you already have and how to approach learning new things.

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Steve Berczuk
Slack logo 5 Engaging Slack Communities for Software Professionals

People all over the world can connect, ask questions, and share knowledge in real time in specialized Slack communities, including in niche channels for specific topics. Of course, there are a wealth of technology- and software-related Slack workspaces out there. Here are five communities that stand out.

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Owen Gotimer
Stack of books on a table 5 Books to Spark Fresh Ideas in Software

A significant part of remaining relevant in the software industry is keeping up with development and testing trends. But organizations don’t always have a big training budget, so sometimes it falls to us to manage our own continuing education. Luckily, that can be as easy as discovering fresh ideas in a new book.

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Owen Gotimer
Training class with people's hands raised, photo by Nicole Honeywill If You Want Training to Take, Explore Experiential Learning

People typically think of training classes as passive activities, where the instructor talks and the others listen. But experiential learning, where you learn through hands-on activities and then reflect on the experience, often gets the lesson to stick in people's brains better. Consider using interactive lessons.

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Steve Berczuk
Pile of books on a table, photo by Sharon McCutcheon 3 Must-Read Books for a Good Agile Foundation

If you are searching for agile knowledge, there are many books outside the current literature that may enlighten you. Some discuss the underpinnings of concepts we consider agile, while others are contemporary business books that present compelling ways to use agile effectively. Here are three Jeff Payne recommends.

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Jeffery Payne
Learning On: Making Time for New Software Skills

Ongoing learning will help you remain relevant as the industry evolves, as well as be more productive at your job—but it can be hard to find the time. Steve Berczuk gives you some tips on how you can fit in education, what you can do to improve your skills, and what pitfalls to be sure to avoid.

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Steve Berczuk
Make the Effort to Invest in Yourself

To keep relevant in an ever-changing industry, you need training. But many companies don't provide or reimburse for continuing education. That means you're responsible for your ongoing career development. Don't fret; you don't have to spend a lot. And the more you learn and practice, the more value you have.

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Johanna Rothman