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5 Engaging Slack Communities for Software Professionals

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Slack is a great tool for software professionals to engage with their community, learn from fellow practitioners, and stay up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

What are other software professionals talking about? What is DevOps? And are robots going to take over the world?

Unfortunately, no one has a definitive answer to the last question, but interacting in Slack workspaces has allowed me to engage with people in the software industry from all around the world, and I have already gained so much insight. Here are five Slack communities that stand out.

1. #devchat

The #devchat Slack is a community of friendly software developers who come together to solve problems and learn. There are about sixty channels you can join, with topics revolving around major languages, general questions, and machine learning. With more than twelve thousand members, #devchat is one of the more popular communities on this list.

2. TechMasters

TechMasters is a community of about seven thousand technologists who discuss business, technology, programming, and startup goals. What’s great about TechMasters is they have a balance of channels dedicated to technology, programming, and business, as well as more community-oriented channels like #spooky, where you can share your Halloween photos, or #pets, where you’re encouraged to share cute photos of your animals.

3. TechWell Hub

As TechWell’s community manager, this next selection comes with a slight bias, but I do believe it brings a cool angle to software Slack workspaces. TechWell Hub connects agile, testing, DevOps, and security professionals to advance the global software community. TechWell launched the Hub relatively recently, so the community is still growing, but developers, testers, managers, and security professionals are already engaging in great conversations.

4. DevOpsChat

DevOpsChat is definitely one of the more technical communities on this list. In the pool of more than thirty channels, you will find topics like AWS, Chef, Docker, and Puppet being discussed by its more than twelve thousand members. DevOps Chat also has a channel dedicated specifically to reviewing new posts for IT bloggers before they publish them. 

5. Ministry of Testing

If you’re interested in testing, the Ministry of Testing Slack workspace is a great resource. MoT is all about growing community in the software quality space, and they have a very active Slack community of more than four thousand members. In addition to topic channels, they also have channels dedicated to testers in cities around the world—and even one dedicated to baking.

Now that I’ve shared my favorites, are you a member of another software Slack community I should join?

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