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Balancing Culture Fit with Diversity: Hiring for Success

Company culture is important, but you shouldn't base hiring decisions solely on how well someone seems he'll fit in. This leads to conformity and a fragile organization. To increase diversity, consider people who may not at first appear to be a cultural fit, but who could be valuable additions to your team.

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Steve Berczuk
Agile Testing: A Lesson in Diversity

Though many QA organizations today use agile development methods, depending on the industry, they can experience very different challenges and successes. By exploring the diversity in the testing world, you can learn other industries’ strengths and think about how they could apply to your field.

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Deepika Mamnani
The Tech Industry's Diversity Problem Comes to Light

If you take a quick look at the data, it becomes clear that the tech industry has a diversity problem that’s yet to be fully addressed. About 70 percent of employees at Google are men, with 91 percent being either white or Asian. These numbers are consistent among the other major industry players.

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Josiah Renaudin
Women in Technology Redux

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, is the latest of many male technology leaders who has stuck his foot firmly in his mouth on the topic of female advancement. His comments raise questions on just how far women have come and what can be done to implement fairer and more effective hiring practices.

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Beth Cohen
What Companies Can Learn from Google’s Workplace Bias Training

Google is one of many tech companies called out for a lack of diversity in their workforce. To change their company mindset, Google is endeavoring to help employees change their unconscious biases. Pamela Rentz highlights what others can learn from Google's workplace bias training.

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Pamela Rentz
Can Womens' Diversity Be Found via Exclusion or Inclusion?

Conferences and training programs that focus solely on women are on the rise. Although all of this focus on women's diversity is a way to enable them to step up and obtain better prospects, it leaves us to question whether the diversity lies in their exclusion or inclusion as a group.

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Rajini Padmanaban
The Importance of Diverse, Inclusive Software Conferences

By making a software conference inclusive, you avoid perpetuating the stereotypes that only certain people are good at technology. You're also helping to grow the pool of people who see a career in the computer industry as a possibility. Rick Scott looks at why diversity is beneficial for everyone.

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Rick Scott