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A man's face in facial recognition software Microsoft Calls for Federal Regulation of Facial Recognition

Microsoft has called for federal regulation of facial-recognition software, arguing that such artificial intelligence abilities are too significant and potentially dangerous for its purveyors to police themselves. The move comes amid public criticism of several tech giants over their use—and misuse—of the technology.

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Beth Romanik
Emotion Tracking Software: Beneficial or Harmful?

The first question you might have about a human emotion tracking application is: What is the value of understanding human emotions? It's understandable that the data collected can be used for meaningful purposes, but how could this adversely impact users' security and privacy?

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Rajini Padmanaban
Do You Want Facebook’s Facial Recognition to Remember You?

When it comes to the growing use of facial recognition technology, some prefer that their face be forgotten rather than be digitally recognized, remembered, and used in random applications that they may not be aware of. Pamela Rentz looks at Facebook's use of facial recognition technology.

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Pamela Rentz
Mixed Feelings on Facial Recognition Software Advancements

The advancements in facial recognition software are being met with excitement and skepticism. While companies and even the US government are claiming to be upfront with the technology's abilities, it's the way it will be used in the future that worries some people.

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Noel Wurst