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Know a Girl Who Wants to Change the World w/ Code?

To inspire more young women to pursue careers in STEM, every year Technovation invites girls from around the world to solve real-world problems through technology. In partnership with Google's Made w/ Code and UN Women, the Technovation Challenge 2017 has set some lofty goals.

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Pamela Rentz
Barbie: I Can’t Be a Computer Engineer

A book called Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer may have had good intentions, but in the story, Barbie is incapable of doing more than designing a game—it's the men who do all the coding. What does this say about the challenge of engaging girls in computer science? How can we help that?

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Heather Shanholtzer
Can Entrepreneur Barbie Help Change Tech Culture?

The glass ceiling may have cracks in some sectors, but it’s still holding strong in the technology industry. Several tech giants recently released workforce demographics that show striking similarities. Pamela Rentz highlights some initiatives designed to inspire girls to code and build technology.

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Pamela Rentz