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Woman being interviewed for a job as a software tester Transitioning to Testing: The Qualities We Should Be Looking For

Testing is an accessible career choice for people who don't come from the typical paths into a tech job. Previous jobs and formal education should matter less than the abilities to observe, identify risks, and report that information. How can we change our interview processes to highlight these skills and mindset?

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Justin Rohrman
Person sending their resume in a paper airplane How Creative Would You Get to Land a Job Interview?

In order to be invited for a job interview, some people have done things like sending a lottery ticket, doing a back flip into the room, and writing a resume on a bar of chocolate! But before you go the creative route, it's important to tailor your approach to the prospective employer. You don't want to be gimmicky.

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Naomi Karten
Woman sitting in a job interview What Else Should I Be Asking You, and Other Job Interview Questions

It can be tricky to know just what you should be asking a candidate during a job interview, even if you know about the position and its requirements. Try making a list of potential questions, allowing enough flexibility to choose in the moment and as the candidate’s responses warrant. Here's what should be on it.

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Naomi Karten
Job candidate looking at code on a computer screen, photo by Fatos Bytyqi 4 Ways to Verify Developers’ Skills for a Job Interview

Developers often struggle to convey their skills effectively during a job interview, making it difficult to assess their capability. But you want assurance that a candidate who has an impressive CV actually has the practical abilities you need. Here are four ways of verifying developer applicants’ skills.

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Edward Mellett
Woman shaking hands with a job candidate after a hiring interview An Agile Framework for Improving Your Hiring Process

When hiring, adopting a framework to help you screen candidates can save a lot of time. However, much like adopting Scrum to improve your software development, following a framework won’t magically guarantee perfect results. But a framework will give you the tools to start off better, and to improve over time.

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Steve Berczuk
Police officer in uniform saluting Good Cop, Bad Cop: How to Evaluate a Company’s Culture before Accepting a Job

In a job interview, you learn a fair amount about the job you’re applying for. But it’s much harder to learn about the corporate culture so as to determine if the organization is a place you want to work. Try using a "good cop, bad cop" routine when asking questions to find out if the new environment is a good fit.

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Naomi Karten
People shaking hands at a job interview What to Say (and Not Say) in a Job Interview

The interview can strongly influence whether you get the job you’re seeking. It’s not just what you say in responding to interview questions that’s important; it’s how you say it. And maybe even more important than things you should say is steering clear of things you shouldn’t say. Here are some points to consider.

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Naomi Karten
Staying calm Tips for Staying Calm under Pressure

If you've got a high-pressure situation coming up such as a job interview, a presentation, or an important meeting with your boss, it's normal to feel some stress. Preparation can help alleviate a lot of it, so be sure to get enough sleep, ask for help, and rehearse what you're going to say. Read on for more tips.

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Naomi Karten