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A Quicker, More Effective Hiring Solution Is on the Way

Given the increasing demand for software talent, hiring is a big task in the IT world. But a startup has an idea for a platform that would help bring objectivity to the entire hiring process, from data collection to skill assessment to prospect evaluation. Would you trust your hiring to the cloud?

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Mukesh Sharma
Assess Corporate Culture to Find a Good Fit for You

From the outside, it’s difficult to assess an organization’s culture. But before taking a new job, it’s important to learn as much as you can so you won’t encounter a culture clash. If you've got an interview and are wondering whether a new workplace will be a good fit, read on for ways to find out.

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Naomi Karten
Are You Ready to Change Jobs?

Are you unhappy in your current job? Or, are you ready to move on to new adventures and bigger challenges? If you’re fortunate enough to have a job, it’s tempting to wonder what opportunities might exist elsewhere. But before you accept a new position, it’s a good idea to look at your motives.

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Naomi Karten
Hiring Agile Developers: Three Often-Neglected Skills They Need

We are all aware that there is a great demand for agile developers. So, when you are hiring for your agile team, what qualities do you look for in a candidate? Steve Berczuk explains the often-neglected skills that can help one be an effective agile software developer.

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Steve Berczuk
Four Tips for Assembling a Great Test Team

When recruiting new team members, remember that you may not be marrying the folks you hire, but you are tying your success in with theirs. So it’s vital to be thorough in evaluating potential recruits and to hire slowly. Bonnie Bailey presents four tips for assembling a great test team.

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Bonnie Bailey
Questions to Ask during a Job Interview

When you go on a job interview, the person offering the job is called the interviewer. But if you want to get the job, you too need to ask questions. Naomi Karten lists some helpful questions that you can ask to show that you're prepared and are a strong thinker.

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Naomi Karten
Developers on the Auction Block: The New Job Search Market

Are you a developer looking for a great salary? How about a signing bonus? Have you ever considered putting yourself up for auction? Do companies bid on salaries to land the best talent? Read on, and you'll discover that these are just some of the realities in today’s developer job search market.

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Noel Wurst