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Should You Cancel Your Next Meeting?

Of course meetings are often necessary, but sometimes they are just rituals without meaning. At your job, would anyone recognize if a meeting weren't efficient or essential? When was the last time a meeting you were scheduled to attend was canceled because it wasn’t a good use of anyone’s time?

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Payson Hall
Are You Focusing on the Right Thing in Your Sprint Reviews?

The role of demonstration in a sprint review often takes on more importance than it should, even to the extent that some teams refer to the review as a demo. By focusing on the demo you risk having the team do all the talking, rather than a two-way conversation between the team and the stakeholders.

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Steve Berczuk
Meetings: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Meetings are a crucial part of the communication process, but they endure a lot of ridicule. You can’t do away with them entirely—meetings are essential to an agile process like Scrum. Rather than avoiding all meetings, it’s better to work at making the times you meet with people more effective.

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Steve Berczuk
How Do Innovative Companies Run Their Meetings?

How much do unproductive meetings cost? Approximately 11 million meetings happen in the US every day, and employees lose approximately four work days each month due to unproductive meetings. So what can some of the best run companies teach us about effectively running meetings?

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Anuj Magazine
Beware of Serial Status Meetings

Standup meetings are great in many instances. But if you're calling serial status meetings, you may find that people will stop attending. To engage employees and address issues quicker, you may want to try lean coffee or a problem-solving meeting. Read on for tips on involving your team.

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Johanna Rothman
The Ambiguous Sounds of Silence: Why You Should Ask for Input

Silence may not be golden when members of a team are trying to reach agreement, resolve an issue, or make a decision. In this setting, silence is often taken to mean that those who haven’t voiced an opinion approve of the matter under discussion—yet they may very well not. You should make sure.

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Naomi Karten
Four Reasons to Stick with Daily Scrum Meetings

Every team member is required to attend a daily scrum meeting. Pro tip: The ScrumMaster and product owner are team members too, despite their titles of leadership. If you feel you don’t need to attend every daily scrum, then consider these four reasons why you should stick with it.

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Three Things to Consider When Planning a Meeting

Meetings can be either a welcomed lifeline for those working on a project or a pitfall of desolation for project productivity. Consider these three things to ensure your meetings will contribute to your company's project success.

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Cameron Philipp...