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A mentor and mentee talking and looking at a laptop 5 Tips for Mentoring Future Mentors

Being a mentor is a big responsibility. It becomes a greater one when the person you're mentoring is set to become a mentor to someone else. What advice would you impart to your mentee? What do you wish you'd thought of when you were starting out as a mentor? Payson Hall distilled his experience into five principles.

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Payson Hall
How to "Manage" Your Former Peers and Friends

If you’ve just become a manager or executive, and you’re now going to be managing people who used to be your colleagues and pals, your relationships with your former peers will change. You may prefer that the relationships don’t change, but they can, they will, and if you are to succeed, they must.

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Naomi Karten
Six Habits of Indispensable IT Pros

Joe Townsend presents a list of six habits of indispensable IT pros. This list is a common-sense approach to how you can make yourself valuable to your organization. Be prepared to be a forward thinker and embrace new technologies.

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Joe Townsend