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How to Run a Productive and Effective Remote Team

With remote work becoming the norm, now is a good time to consider how you can help your team do their best without causing burnout. Fortunately, remote work may actually improve productivity. After all, it's one of the factors that largely contribute to job satisfaction.

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Travis Jamison
A mentor and mentee talking and looking at a laptop 5 Tips for Mentoring Future Mentors

Being a mentor is a big responsibility. It becomes a greater one when the person you're mentoring is set to become a mentor to someone else. What advice would you impart to your mentee? What do you wish you'd thought of when you were starting out as a mentor? Payson Hall distilled his experience into five principles.

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Payson Hall
Building an Effective Mentoring Program

When an effective mentoring program is implemented, the derived value is very high. Mentoring programs go a long way in building not just technical knowhow, but also great relationships and trust in the organization, creating a very positive workplace. Here are some tips on building a good program.

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Mukesh Sharma
Four Tips for Mentoring Software Team Members

Mentoring can be an invaluable tool to make sure a software development or testing team reaches its full potential and to ensure that members feel respected and valued. Nirav Assar looks at four essentials of mentoring that should never be overlooked when nurturing your team.

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Nirav Assar