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NSA NSA Adds to Open Source Tools and Tech Transfer Program

The National Security Agency recently released several of the agency’s software tools as open source and added new technologies to the NSA technology transfer program patent portfolio that are ready for licensing. Could leveraging any of these technologies help your efforts?

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Pamela Rentz
NSA's Data Spying Driving Tech Business Overseas

Major tech companies can expect continued resistance and suspicion from users if the National Security Agency’s power to spy on customers is not reduced or further regulated in the near future. United States technology companies could lose $35 billion in just three years over data concerns.

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Josiah Renaudin
NSA Uses Special Google Cookies to Aid in Surveillance

In another news item released this week from the seemingly never-ending treasure trove that is the leaked Edward Snowden documents, details emerge of how the National Security Agency (NSA) is taking advantage of Google's cookies and other location data to help its surveillance operations.

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Jonathan Vanian
September Hacking News Roundup

In this hacking roundup for September, read about two companies that are both specializing in hacking software, albeit from two different angles. One company is selling hacking tools to law enforcement agencies worldwide; the other company is building a software platform that prevents attacks.

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Jonathan Vanian
How NSA Cracks Encrypted Data

New facts continue to come out about the National Security Agency’s information-gathering programs. Each day's news seems to outdo previous scoops about its spying capabilities. This week is no different, with new reports detailing NSA's efforts to crack encrypted data.

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Jonathan Vanian