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Integration Is Key for Enabling the Internet of Things

Technology companies are rushing to establish market domination by creating platforms and interface standards to support their version of the IoT vision. With all the hype, it is hard to cut through to the reality that IoT applications only work if all the moving pieces are well-integrated.

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Beth Cohen
Is It Fair to Make APIs Copyrightable?

Google recently lost a copyright appeal against Oracle. This ruling allows Oracle to copyright application programming interfaces (APIs) for Java. Anuj Magazine examines the impact of the court's recent ruling and the possible outcome for the computing industry because of this decision.

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Anuj Magazine
Developers Look Forward to Java SE 8's Features

Despite the decision by Oracle to remove the stripped implementations feature and then defer Project Jigsaw to the proposed 2015 release of Java SE 9, Java SE 8’s release on March 18 is quickly causing excitement and anticipation among developers.

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Cameron Philipp...
Oracle Partners with Rivals Microsoft and Safesforce in Cloud Deal

Oracle cast aside feuds with competitors Microsoft and Salesforce to announce partnerships with the companies to integrate their cloud operations. Oracle seeks to expand sales of cloud-computing products aimed at businesses moving their software online. What will the outcome be for the new allies?

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Beth Romanik
API Permissions and the Future of Software Developers

Even after a US District Court case ruled otherwise, Oracle continues the argument that its Java APIs are copyrightable and their use should be restricted. What does this mean for software developers?

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Beth Romanik
January Software Roundup

In this software roundup, we learn that Maryland and Pennsylvania are using software to prevent murders, new software shown at the Consumer Electronics Show underwhelmed some prominent tech pundits, and the Department of Homeland Security recommended disabling Java for a security exploit.

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Jonathan Vanian
Reduce Your Attack Surface to Reduce Security Threats

The unfortunate truth is that the find-and-patch approach to security is inherently problematic—the attacker is always one step ahead. Reducing your attack surface is a strategy that will help you minimize the number of security threats you are exposed to, whether they are promptly fixed or not.

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Rick Scott
Enterprise Application Spending to Hit $120.4 Billion

Gartner, the information technology-research firm, announced this week that 2012 will see global spending on enterprise application software reach $120.4 billion.

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Jonathan Vanian