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Are Any of Yours on the List of Worst Passwords of 2015?

Here’s a Top 25 List you do not want to be on: The Worst Passwords of 2015. Password management company SplashData released its annual list of the 25 worst Internet passwords, and what’s truly mindboggling is that for both 2015 and 2014, the same two passwords are at the top of the list.

Pamela Rentz's picture
Pamela Rentz
Let’s Stop the Password Madness

People and organizations definitely should take security seriously. That said, some of the “experts” advising about password security are going too far. Frequent password changes give the appearance of more robust security without actually affecting anything. Payson Hall unpacks this requirement.

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Payson Hall
FIDO Alliance Brings Password-less Online Authentication

The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, an industry consortium for delivering standards for simpler, stronger authentication, has released final 1.0 specifications for an open standard to replace commonly used single­ factor username and password logins.

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Pamela Rentz
Take Charge of Your Online Identity

Online networking is easier than ever, but this strength can be a threat if one’s online identity is not managed well. Organizations do their part to protect their users’ identities and privacy, but it is high time the user steps up to be his own tester in validating that he safeguards himself.

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Mukesh Sharma
Evernote's Security Breach Leads to Leaked Passwords

Another day, another security breach. Following in the footsteps of popular hacked services Dropbox and LinkedIn, software and service vendor Evernote announced this March that it had suffered a data breach and suspected that usernames, email addresses, and encrypted passwords had been stolen.

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Bonnie Bailey
Can Google Defeat the Need for Antiquated Password Security?

Coming up with a foolproof password is becoming a nerve wracking and seemingly impossible process when going up against determined hackers and crooks. Google's trying out something new—eliminating passwords altogether, and looking for a more secure and convenient option.

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Noel Wurst
Leaked Passwords and Better Security Practices

LinkedIn, eHarmony, and all had their password databases leaked in June. Many commentators opined—some more lucidly than others—on what was wrong and right with their password-handling practices. As testers, how do we assess whether or not our software is handling passwords securely?

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Rick Scott