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Estimate Effort Based on Past Performance

How often have you estimated how long it would take to complete a task, only to be off by a whole week? That's because we assume we will begin the task immediately and have a forty-hour week to work on it. There's a better way: prediction based on performance. Just find a batch size for your work.

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Matthew Heusser
Microsoft's Cortana Assistant Using Bing to Predict the World Cup

We might finally have a successor to Paul the octopus. Microsoft's Cortana, which acts as a strong competitor to Apple's Siri companion, has predicted the last four World Cup games successfully. Its complex system that takes into account a handful of key metrics has the US team losing to Belgium.

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Josiah Renaudin
Playing Devil’s Advocate: Use Premortems for Your Project’s Success

Most teams could benefit from having a devil’s advocate—someone who would help the team identify weaknesses in their thinking and seek changes that would prevent or minimize adverse outcomes. A project team can become its own devil’s advocate by using premortems before the project proceeds.

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Naomi Karten
Will the Super Bowl Win Impact the Future of Predictive Analytics?

The Seahawks' victory brings us to a new topic of consideration. Does their win mean anything to the world of predictive analytics, which has been up and coming in the past few years? Predictive analytics beat the experts in judging the outcome of the game. Here's a look at its other applications.

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Mukesh Sharma
Busting Agile Prediction Myths

When first hearing about agile processes, you might think that teams using an agile process cannot provide estimates, predictions, or commitments about what they will deliver. But, you can be agile and still manage risk and commit to a subset of what you predict.

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Scott Sehlhorst