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Product manager and development lead shaking hands Making the Product and Development Partnership Thrive

The product manager and the development lead partnering well together is a cornerstone of great product teams. The behavior they exhibit sets the standard for how the team cooperates, connects, and thrives. One great way to do this is getting closer to your customer. Here’s how this advice works with both protagonists.

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Vidya Dinamani
The Tester as Product Owner

A lot of the bugs we find were never thought through in the first place. Many of these situations are preventable, yet instead of prevention, we get the tester playing the role of the product owner—and playing it late. Why is it that we never have time to do it right, but we always have time to do it over?

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Matthew Heusser
I Don’t Sprint, I Stroll: A Non-Techie’s Journey to Product Ownership

What happens when the director of marketing becomes a product owner for some of her company's web properties? She gets a crash course on the real meaning of agile development and her role in it all—and a newfound respect for the people who work in software engineering every day.

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Stasi Richmond
Where Do Great Product Ideas Come From?

The current information technology trend is that of survival of the fittest, where players thrive based on success factors such as releases of new products that are feature rich, user experience driven, and performance focused. Rajini Padmanaban looks at where the new product ideas come from.

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Rajini Padmanaban
The Outside-In Approach to Product Positioning

Early on product positioning helps drive focus and clarity for the team and allows a stakeholder to approach funding decisions from a strategic perspective. Scott Sehlhorst highlights some outside-in approaches to product positioning and their benefits.

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Scott Sehlhorst
Hiring Technology Product Managers: The Latest

Scott Sehlhorst looks at an analysis of how companies are posting requirements for hiring new technology product managers in the US—including the trend of placing more importance on domain experience than product management experience.

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Scott Sehlhorst